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SMARTQ T19 Won't turn on :(
  • Hi,

    I own a smartq T19 tablet for a month or so..... suddenly  it wouln't turn on.... tried install a new firm (of course recovry doesn't show), long pressing power button, etc ... but nothing :( ... any idea what could it be?

  • First please tell us in detail what happened.
  • Nothing special. I put the tablet to charge with the provided charger at night when I went to bed and next they when tried to turn it on it didn't. Black screen, no sound.... nothing, is lke dead. Really don't know what to do any help would be appreciate it.
  • Hi Nick,

    Sorry to hear about your problem with the unit. You can try a few things like:

    Keep the power button pressed for 30 odd seconds. This will definitely
    shut down the unit. The try connecting the charger provided. You should
    see the battery indicator on the screen.

    2) Press volume up button + power to get into the recovery and flash the new firmware.

    If still nothing then i don't know mate what else to suggest.

    Cheers, Sumit
  • Whats is the status with your device now?

    May i know which country you are located in?
  • Recently i figured out that my T19 screen is not working. i gave a try to see why it suddenly broke down. I opened the T19 and i realized that there is a loose contact for screen. Once that loose contact is fixed it worked as usual. Look for T19 openings videos in Youtube on how to open the T19 and connect it back.